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DISCOGRAPHY 1970 to 1991
Mike Hadlow's Recollections

Ronnie Ross Jazz Discography

is in the process of being built and is incomplete. It is intended to include only recordings by Ronnie Ross as leader and sideman which are mainly in the jazz vein. We would be pleased to receive additional information and corrections about the recordings already included and details of any Ronnie Ross jazz recordings not yet listed. 

Track timings are given where available but are approximate only.

Personnel: Includes Kenny Wheeler (trumpet, flugelhorn), Harry Beckett (trumpet), Keith Christie, Bobby Lamb (trombones), Tony Coe, Art Theman (reeds), Ronnie Ross (baritone saxophone), Stan Tracey (piano).

Leader: Stan Tracey

Date: 1971 ca

Venue: London

BBC radio broadcast - Jazz London 4


1. Kindly Leave The Stage

2. Blues For This Year (from the suite "Seven Ages Of Man")

3. Enter Romeo (from the suite "Seven Ages Of Man")

4. Murdering The Time (from the suite "Alice In Jazzland")

5. Afro-Charlie Meets The White Rabbit (from "Alice In Jazzland")


Personnel: Les Condon, John Huckridge (trumpets), Tony Cook (french horn), Chris Pyne (trombone), Ronnie Ross (baritone saxophone), Bill Le Sage (piano), Spike Heatley (bass), Dick Brennan (drums), Glyn Thomas (percussion).

Leader: Ronnie Ross

Date: May 18 1975

Venue: London

BBC radio broadcast - Sounds of Jazz


1. Campo Allegro (5:03)

2. Andromeda (8:50)

3. Since Yesterday (6:58)

4. Tribal Chief (4:44)

Note: The recording of the above is held in the National Sound Archive, the British Library, London.


Personnel: Tony Fisher, Les Condon, Hank Shaw (trumpets), Keith Christie, Dave Horler, Bill Geldard, Maurice Pratt (trombones), Ronnie Chamberlain, Peter King (alto saxophones), Jimmy Hastings, Duncan Lamont (tenor saxophones), Ronnie Ross (baritone saxophone), Pat Smythe (piano), Louis Stewart (guitar), Lennie Bush (bass), Tony Kinsey (drums).

Leader: Tony Kinsey

Date: 1976

Venue: London

BBC radio broadcast - The River Thames Suite


1. Hard Times

2. Coockham Bridge

3. Beachey Head (6:40)

4. Girl Friday

5. Sunbury Seminar (5:57)

Note: Track list may be incomplete.


Personnel: Clark Terry (trumpet, flugelhorn), Eddie Blair [out 2, 3, 4], Tony Fisher, Dave Hancock, Kenny Wheeler, Derek Watkins [3, 4], (trumpets), Terry Johns (french horn), Cliff Hardy, Dave Horler, Nat Peck, Ray Premru (trombones), Roy Willox (flute, clarinet, alto saxophone), Stan Sulzman (flute, alto flute, tenor saxophone), Tony Coe (flute, clarinet, tenor saxophone), Ronnie Ross (clarinet, baritone saxophone), Al Newman (alto saxophone, bass clarinet), Gordon Beck (piano), Martin Kershaw (guitar), Chris Laurence (bass), Tristan Fry (drums, percussion), Tony Gilbert, Desmond Bradly, Paul Sherman, Jim Archer, Homi Kagnga, Bela Dekany, Peter Benson, Dennis McConnell, Bill Reid, John Wilson, Hans Geiger, Bill Armond, Michael Jones, Max Salpeter, Diana Cummings, Charles Vorzanger, Fred Parrington, Derek Soloman (violins), Ken Essex, Luciano Jorio, Margaret Major, Ruscin Gunes (violas), Derek Simpson, Bram Marten, Alan Dalziel, Vivien Joseph (cellos), Rodney Stratford, Arthur Watts [1, 2, 3, 4] (basses).

Leader: Clark Terry

Date: September 1977

Venue: London

Label: MPS

Album Title: Clark After Dark


1. Girl Talk

2. Willow Weep For Me

3. Misty

4. Clark After Dark

5. Nature Boy

6. Georgia On My Mind

7. November Song

8. Yesterdays

9. Emily

10. Angel Eyes


Personnel: Freddy Cole (vocals, piano), Jerry Van Rooyen (conductor), Derek Watkins, Kenny Baker, Tony Fisher, Kenny Wheeler (trumpets), Don Lusher, Nat Peck, Bobby Lamb, Ken Goldie (trombones), Roy Willox (flute, alto saxophone), Bob Efford (flute, tenor saxophone), Mike Winfield (oboe), Tony Coe (alto saxophone), Vic Ash (tenor saxophone), Ronnie Ross (baritone saxophone), Tony Gilbert, Desmond Bradley, Paul Sherman, Neville Taweel, Max Salpeter, Michael Jones, Charles Vorzanger, Horni Kanga, Dennis McConnell, John Ronayne, Eric Bowie, Ken Sillito, Brendan O'Reilly, Sid Margo, John Georgiades, Bernhard Monshin (violins), Ken Essex, Margaret Major, Bernhard Davis, Ian Jewell (violas), Derek Simpson, Francis Gabarro, Vivian Joseph, Keith Harvey (cellos), Gordon Beck (piano), Judd Proctor (guitar), Skaila Kanga (harp), Darryl Runnswick, Pete Morgan (basses), Ronnie Stephenson (drums), Tony Carr, Allan Hakin (percussion).

Leader: Freddy Cole

Date: 1977

Venue: London and Fairfax, Virginia

Label: Basart and Demand

Album Title: Sing


1. Theme From Mahogany (2:58)

2. Sing (3:20)

3. For Once In My Life (3:42)

4. Tristeza (3:05)

5. You Are The Sunshine Of My Life (3:30)

6. On A Clear Day (3:01)

7. Michelle (3:18)

8, People (2:55)

9. Homefried Potatoes (2:37)

10. You've Let Yourself Go (3:45)

11. If I Had Your Love (3:40)

12. Cabaret (3:13)


Personnel: Dave Horler (valve trombone), Ronnie Ross (baritone saxophone), John Horler (piano), Chris Laurence (bass), Allan Ganley (drums).

Leader: Ronnie Ross

Date: May 1979

Venue: London

BBC radio broadcast Sounds of Jazz

Album Title:


1. Sues Blues (8:35)

2. Freddie Frown (6:02)

3. Andromeda (5:57)

4. Butterfly Gold (6:03)


Personnel: Mark Chandler (flugelhorn), Pete Beachill (trombone), Peter King (alto saxophone), Tony Coe (tenor saxophone), Ronnie Ross (baritone saxophone), Colin Purbrook (piano), Dave Green (bass), Spike wells (drums).

Leader: Colin Purbrook

Date: unknown


Tracks: Not available


Personnel: Dave Hancock (trumpet [3], flugelhorn), Chris Pyne (trombone), Andy McIntosh (alto saxophone), Ronnie Ross (baritone saxophone), John Horler (piano), Chris Laurence (bass), Allan Ganley (drums).

Leader: Dave Hancock

Date: June 5 1983

Venue: London

BBC radio broadcast Sounds of Jazz

(Watership Down Suite)


1. Fields Of Efrafa (part) (3:37)

2. General Woundwort (5:41)

3. El-ahrairah (4:53)

4. Hrududu (5:15)

5. Fu-Inle (4:26)

6. Hazel-rah (5:21)


Collective Personnel: Mark White, Ian Wood, Paul Cooper, Pete Cooper, Martin Shaw, Gerard Presencer, Ollie Preece (trumpets), Claire Lintott (french horn), Dennis Rollins, Patrick Hartley, Malcolm Smith, Richard Henry, Tibor Hartmann (trombones), Mike Smith (flute, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone), Julie Davis (flute, baritone saxophone), Pete Long (clarinet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone), Colin Skinner (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone), Dick Morrissey [8 11 14], Scott Garland, Adrian Revell (tenor saxophones), Ronnie Ross [2 5], Nigel Crane (baritone saxophones), Clive Dunstall, Steve Hill (pianos), James Longworth (guitar), Phil Mulford (bass guitar), Chris Dagley (drums), Bill Pamplin, Matthew Senior (percussion), Georgie Fame [1 12] (vocals).

Leader: Bill Ashton

Date: January 4, 5 1990

Venue: London

Label: Hot House

Album Title:


1. Blues At The Bull (3:39)

2. Woody (5:02)

3. Basie (4:46)

4. Dizzy (4:39)

5. Duke (4:19)

6. Bird (3:35)

7. Quincy (9:18)

8. Monk (6:06)

9. Duke II (4:19)

10. Kenton (4:11)

11. Buddy (7:08)

12. Point Of No Return (2:01)

13. Come On The Blues (3:29)

14. Royal Flush (4:09)

15. Southern Horizons (4:49)


Personnel: Leon Calvert (trumpet, flugelhorn [?]), Keith Christie (trombone), Peter King (clarinet [2?], alto saxophone), Tone Coe (clarinet [2 3], tenor saxophone), Ronnie Ross (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet [2]), Colin Purbrook (piano), Dave Green (bass), Allan Ganley (drums).

Leader: Colin Purbrook

Date: unknown

Venue: London

BBC radio broadcast Sounds of Jazz


1. Full Circle (5:09)

2. Sunflower (8:56)

3. B B (Bob Brookmeyer) (7:06)

4. Oct 3rd 1975 (7:30)


Personnel: Henry Lowther, Kenny Wheeler (trumpets), Dave Horler (valve trombone), Cliff Hardin, Geoff Parkins (trombones), Peter King (alto saxophone(, Butch Hodson, Stan Sulzmann (tenor saxophones), Ronnie Ross (baritone saxophone), John Horler (piano), Ron Mathewson (bass), Bryan Spring (drums).

Leader: Dave Horler

Date: unknown

Venue: London

BBC radio broadcast Sounds of Jazz


1. Missing Paris (6:00)

2. Friday Night (6:15)

3. Not In The Mood (5:43)